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Adley Swimwear One Piece


Adley is what this one-piece is all about. Adley is also known as the word judicious and stands for having, showing, or done with good judgment or sense. If you take this into consideration when you buy, it is going to make sense when you have it in your hands!

This one piece has an amazing fit and shows off your stunning curves like no other in comparison. To improve the fit, even more, we have attached two adjustable straps on the back.

For maximum quality, lifetime and comfyness, the one piece is made of 82% Polyester and 18% spandex. We recommend you wash it at a 30-degree safe wash.


· High Waist
· Thong bottom
· 30-degree safe wash
· Sports swimsuit look
· Shows amazing curves
· Removable padding in the bra